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Toshiba Refrigerator Fridge 280L Inverter A-series


Toshiba Refrigerator Fridge 280L Inverter A-series



Weight: 40kg

Color: Dark Silver

Capacity (Litres): Gross Capacity: 280L
Net Capacity: 233L
Freezer Room: 61L
Cooling Room: 172L

Power Supply: Voltage (V): 220-240
Frequency (Hz): 50

Dimension (mm): (Width) 545 x (Depth) 623 x (Height) 1545

Shelf: Tempered Glass

Toshiba's 280L Inverter A-series Refrigerator is designed to provide efficient cooling, ample storage, and convenience.

Key features:

  1. Capacity: With a capacity of 280 liters, this refrigerator offers a moderately spacious interior suitable for small to medium-sized households.

  2. Inverter Technology: The inclusion of inverter technology ensures energy-efficient operation by adjusting the compressor's speed according to cooling demands, resulting in consistent temperatures while saving energy.

  3. Energy Efficiency: A-series refrigerators are often designed to meet energy efficiency standards, reducing power consumption without compromising cooling performance.

  4. Storage Features: These refrigerators typically come with adjustable shelves, spacious compartments for fresh produce, dedicated areas for frozen items, and door pockets for storing bottles and smaller items.

  5. Temperature Control: Precise temperature control systems help maintain optimal cooling conditions for different food items, ensuring freshness and longevity.

  6. Frost-Free Operation: Many modern refrigerators, including the A-series, are frost-free, eliminating the need for manual defrosting and ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

  7. Design and Build: Toshiba's refrigerators often feature sleek designs, ergonomic handles, and durable builds, complementing various kitchen aesthetics.

  8. Additional Features: Some models might include features such as LED lighting for better visibility, quick cooling functions, and humidity-controlled compartments for specific food items.

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